The Green Lab Co. launches handsoap tablets!

Maarten en Jos The Green Lab Co.

As per today, 25th of October 2022, The Green Lab Co. will launch an exciting & revolutionary Refill & Remix concept.

Since its foundation last year, the company has been dedicated to making the personal care shelf more sustainable. But with this launch it is taking a great leap forward.

The most important pillars of this new concept:

  1. No transport of the 95% water that makes up liquid hand soap
  2. No use of plastic bottles.

Handsoap consists of ± 95% water. Isn’t it strange that we transport this water with trucks and ships, while everyone just has a watertap at home? This is what the entrepreneurs Jos Zonneveld (38) and Maarten Drontmann (37) must have thought. In addition, all that water is often packed in plastic. By removing the water component and only selling a concentrate, the entrepreneurs solve both problems in one fell swoop. “In this case, the solution is real: a ‘solution'”, says Drontmann.

Crowdfunding (presale):

The Green Lab Co. wants to further develop this concept for all bathroom, kitchen and household cleaning products. Think of shower foam, conditioner and shampoo. But also all-purpose cleaner, dishwashing and glass cleaner. Jos Zonneveld: “We want to develop another 20 new products this year”. To achieve this, the entrepreneurs have started a pre-sale of their product via crowdfunding platform CrowdAboutNow (see button below the page). They want to use the proceeds to finance this development. A tablet revolution is in the making.

Refill & Remix:

You mix the tablets at home with water from your own tap, using our design bottles made of aluminum or in another bottle that you have at home (provided it has a foam pump). Wait a few minutes for the tablets to dissolve and you have hand soap. A little more fun is added to this concept. Your hand soap can be made from a combination of 12 different scents. Rosemary with Ginger, Eucalyptus with Lemongrass or Vanilla with Orange Blossom. Your can use this to create your own hand soap (Remix) in your own “Green Lab” according to your own scent-preferences.

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