The Green Lab Co. no. 1 tablet brand in the world!

Heemstede, Tuesday, November 14, 2023 – The Green Lab Co. expands its ‘Refill & Remix’ tablet line with a range of personal care products and an exclusive line of household cleaning products. With this, The Green Lab Co. is the only brand in the world that can offer all these products in tablet form!

No unnecessary transportation of water Almost all products from the personal care section consists of at least 95% water and is packaged in plastic bottles. Since its establishment in 2021, The Green Lab Co. has been committed to changing this by making the personal care section more sustainable. The company’s vision is: no unnecessary transportation of water and no plastic bottles. The concept of The Green Lab Co. is as simple as it is ingenious: the consumer no longer buys a full bottle, but only small fizzing tablets. These are mixed at home with tap water, in a bottle of choice. After a few minutes, the tablets dissolve and the product is ready to use.

Huge expansion of tablet line The brand already had shelf space in some well-known large supermarket chains such as Albert Heijn, Jumbo, and Dirk van den Broek. Last year, entrepreneurs Jos Zonneveld (39) and Maarten Drontmann (38 launched their first line of hand soap tablets. This month, this tablet line is greatly expanded to include shampoo, shower foam, and facial cleanser. At the same time, The Green Lab Co. is also introducing a complete line of exclusive cleaning products in tablet form: all-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, and hand dishwashing tablets. This makes them the only brand in the world with such a wide range of tablets (36 varieties). You can combine tablets to create personalized scent combinations. For example, with the 13 types of hand soap tablets, you can create up to 64 unique scent combinations.

The Green Lab Co. aims for an international tablet revolution The Green Lab Co. is at the forefront of this international movement, making a noticeable impact as a start-up. Co-founder Maarten Drontmann says, ‘It’s wonderful to see that in recent months we receive emails almost daily from interested parties who want to collaborate with us. It gives us the feeling that we are on the right track!’. And it doesn’t stop at just interest. Still this month, The Green Lab Co.’s products will be available in all 200 Holland & Barrett stores in the Netherlands, and starting from February 2024, they will be available in over 100 Coop Norge stores in Norway. You can also find your favorite tablet from The Green Lab Co. at various retailers in the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Belgium, Spain, and Germany.”

One-stop-shop for every household  The company has focused heavily on further development and broadening of their proposition in recent months. Co-founder Jos Zonneveld states, ‘With this step, The Green Lab Co. aims to become a true one-stop-shop for the entire household.’ But it doesn’t stop here. ‘Our goal is to ultimately offer all water-containing personal and home care products in tablet form to consumers.’ Shaving foam, for example, is already in development.

The products of The Green Lab Co. are available for purchase through the website, either individually packaged or through a subscription model. Additionally, the products can be found in selected supermarkets and other retailers.

Contact Maarten Drontmann and Jos Zonneveld to access our PRESS KIT – [email protected].