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Refill your own bergamot all-purpose cleaner with 1 tablet for endless enjoyment! The refill set contains 3 all-purpose cleaner tablets, sufficient for 3 refills of 500ml each.

Lab (scent & brain): The scent of bergamot is known for its stress-resistant and relaxing effects, respectively. Read more here.


 Vegan Friendly
 No SLS and parabens
  No microplastics

 100% Biodegradable
 Natural ingredients (at least 99%)
 ± 95% CO2 reduction (no transport of water)

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A TRUE REVOLUTION! With our sustainable Refill All-Purpose Cleaner Tablets Bergamot (Refill & Remix), you can now easily create your own all-purpose cleaner. All you need are the tablets and a bottle with a spray trigger. The fate of the ‘Zero Waste’ revolution is now also in your hands! Let’s work together to create a better world for tomorrow!

All-Purpose Cleaner:

Our Refill All-Purpose Cleaner Tablets Bergamot is highly effective at removing dirt and grease from various surfaces. Enjoy the subtle scent of bergamot. Additionally, our all-purpose cleaner contains citric acid, which is unbeatable when it comes to stain and impurity removal.


Fill a spray bottle with a maximum of 500 ml of (warm!) tap water. Add 1 tablet to the warm water. Securely attach the spray trigger to the bottle (after 30 minutes). Ready for use!

P.S.: In addition to using it in a spray bottle, you can also make an effective soap solution for cleaning water-resistant and wipeable surfaces. Don’t forget to use the correct dosage for optimal cleaning.

Why are our tablets a good choice?

  • The packaging of the All-Purpose Cleaner Tablets does not contain disposable plastic #ZeroWaste
  • The All-Purpose Cleaner Tablets are Vegan Friendly and have not been tested on animals
  • The All-Purpose Cleaner Tablets do not contain SLS and parabens
  • The All-Purpose Cleaner Tablets do not contain microplastics
  • 100% Biodegradable formulation
  • The All-Purpose Cleaner tablets are made from natural ingredients (at least 99%)
  • ± 95% CO2 reduction on the transport of soap (no transport of water)
  • The packaging of the All-Purpose Cleaner tablets is made from tomato pulp (residual flow) from Westland greenhouses.

Ingredients: click here.


To use our tablets, a bottle with a foam pump is necessary. We offer the foam pump with our ‘Forever Bottle’. Of course, you can also use our tablets in combination with a foam pump from another brand. Via this link, you will find a list of brands that also sell a foam pump.

A foam pump is different from a lotion pump. A lotion pump is often used for thicker soap, shampoo, and shower gel (gel form). The foam pump ensures that air is mixed with the thinner liquid mixture, creating foam from the pump. Foaming hand soap, shampoo, and shower foam are more efficient than washing with standard liquid (gel) products. By mixing it with foam, the volume increases. This means you need less product to achieve the same result.



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Carefully pull off the pump head (in the correct direction!). Clean off any dirt, rinse with water, and reattach it to the pump.

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