Basic Starter Set Shower Foam Tablets Mint and Lavender


Refill & Remix your own Mint and Lavender Shower Foam with 2 different tablets for new surprising scent combinations! The basic starter kit includes 1 ‘forever’ aluminum design bottle and 2 Shower Foam tablets, providing 1 refill of 250 ml, or 2 refills of 125 ml each.

IMPORTANT! Regularly clean the filter in the foam pump. Click here for a brief explanation. It may happen that the foam is a bit thin or the foam pump gets blocked. In that case, clean the filter thoroughly. The used oils can sometimes accumulate at the filter, but with a little maintenance, it’s always in top condition!

UNIQUE! We’ve managed to incorporate Aloe Vera extract, Argan Oil & Guar Gum in our Shower Foam tablets!

Lab(scent & brain):

The scent of Mint and Lavender is known for its cooling and calming effects. Read more here.


 Vegan Friendly
 No SLS and parabens
  No microplastics

 100% Biodegradable
 Natural ingredients (at least 99%)
 ± 95% CO2 reduction (no transport of water)

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A REAL REVOLUTION! With our sustainable Basiс Starter Set Mint and Lavender Shower Foam Tablets (Refill & Remix) you can now easily create your own Shower Foam (Body Wash). All you need are the tablets (refill set) and a bottle with a foam pump. The fate of the ‘Zero Waste’ revolution is now also in your hands! Because working together for a better world tomorrow! 

Fill our ‘forever’ bottle (or your own bottle with foam pump) with 250 ml (warm!) tap water. Add 2 tablets of your choice to the warm water. After 30 minutes, screw the foam pump tightly onto the bottle. After 90 to 120 minutes, it is ready to use! Want to use just 1 tablet (one type)? Mix it with 125 ml warm water.

Share your experience and fragrance combination with our tablets and tag us via @thegreenlabco.

UNIQUE!  We managed to get the following ingredients in our tablets:

  • Aloe Vera extract (also known as: miracle plant): Can (among other things) possibly help with skin problems such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. As well as reducing skin irritations and calming.
  • Argan oil (from the Argan tree): Antioxidant. Makes your skin feel velvety and silky smooth. The oil protects and supports the function (barrier) of your skin and is suitable for dry skin care.
  • Guar gum (extracted from seeds of guar plants): Guar gum has a caring function and provides a “conditioner effect”. It prevents static electricity. In our shampoo, it makes the hair more easily combable after washing. In our Shower Foam, it provides an excellent moisturizing function and compensates for moisture loss.
  • Almond Oil: The fine, light almond oil is particularly skin-friendly and is ideal for the care of sensitive and dry skin.

Why are our tablets a good choice?

  • No transport of water! (± 95% CO2 reduction)
  • No plastic
  • Remix your own unique fragrance combination!
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty-Free (not tested on animals)
  • No SLS and parabens
  • No microplastics
  • 100% Biodegradable formulation
  • The tablets are made of natural ingredients (at least 99%)

Ingredients: click here.

For the use of our tablets, a bottle with a foam pump is necessary. We offer the foam pump with our ‘forever bottle’. Of course, you can also use our tablets in combination with a foam pump from another brand. Through this link, you will find a list of brands that also sell a foam pump.

A foam pump is different from a lotion pump. A lotion pump is often used with a thicker soap, shampoo, and shower gel (gel form). The foam pump ensures that air is mixed with the thinner liquid mixture, causing foam to come out of the pump. Foaming hand soap, shampoo, and shower foam are more efficient than washing with standard liquid (gel) products. By mixing it with foam, the volume increases. This means you need less product to achieve the same result.


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Carefully pull off the pump head (in the correct direction!). Clean off any dirt, rinse with water, and reattach it to the pump.

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