With our sustainable Shower Foam Tablets (Refill & Remix), you can easily create your own foaming shower foam. All you need are the tablets and a bottle with a foam pump. The fate of the ‘Zero Waste’ revolution is now in your hands! Together, we are working towards a better world for tomorrow!

Our unique shower foam formula is specially designed for a nurturing body experience. With ingredients like Argan oil, Aloe Vera extract, and Guar, and for the Kids and fragrance-free variant, even with Sweet Almond oil. Sweet almond oil contains essential fatty acids that make your hair and skin soft and shiny. Additionally, it helps improve the health of your scalp.

  • The packaging of the Shower Foam Tablets does not contain disposable plastic #ZeroWaste.
  • The Shower Foam Tablets are Vegan Friendly and not tested on animals.
  • The Shower Foam Tablets do not contain SLS and parabens.
  • The Shower Foam Tablets do not contain microplastics. 100% Biodegradable formulation.
  • The Shower Foam tablets are made from natural ingredients (at least 99%).
  • Approximately 95% CO2 reduction in soap transportation (no transportation of water).
  • The packaging of the Shower Foam tablets is made from tomato pulp (residue) from the Westland greenhouses.

Important: Clean the filter in the foam pump regularly. Click here for a brief explanation.

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