Maintenance Tips for Your 'Forever Bottle'!



N.B. Periodically cleaning the foam pump not only enhances its performance but also extends the pump’s lifespan.
The foam pump (dispenser) we offer with our ‘Forever Bottle’ requires regular maintenance & cleaning (see below!), based on usage and varying conditions. Just like all other products meant for longevity.

Most dispenser and soap pumps are designed for single use and are quickly discarded. With our Refill & Remix concept, the aluminum bottles are refillable for an extended period. This might lead to the foam pump not working as efficiently. Unlike the bottles, pumps unfortunately cannot last indefinitely. But we can try to make them last as long as possible.

1) Maintenance:
In hand soap, especially with our shampoo & shower foam tablets, we utilize certain (plant-based) nourishing oils. This might result in a slightly rough pump operation, accompanied by a faint squeaking noise (for a completely jammed pump, see step 2). We advise cleaning the dispenser in warm water monthly to remove dried soap residues💦.

Maintenance Instructions:

Detach the pump from the bottle, rinse the pump under the tap, and then place it in a basin or dish with warm or hot water.

After a few minutes, thoroughly rinse the pump by pumping about 20 times (while submerged in the warm water) until all soap residues are out of the pump.

Fill a small cup or glass with cleaning vinegar and immerse the pump in the vinegar (with the tube facing downwards). Pump through the vinegar approximately 20 times over your sink. Rinse the pump again with water (5x) and clean under the tap.🧼

Once the pump is clean and dry, it can be reattached to the Forever Bottle and refilled.

PS: If you wish to take it a step further, you can also individually clean all 7 parts of the pump. See step 4 under ‘clogged pump’ below.

PS: If you wish to take it a step further, you can also individually clean all 7 parts of the pump. See step 4 under ‘clogged pump’ below.

2) Clogged FILTER in the foam pump:
Like any pump, dirt might get inside. This includes dust, sand, hairs, and/or other tiny particles falling into the bottle. This is often indicated by a “watery” mix coming out of the pump and a pump that requires more force than usual. Additionally, pieces of the tablet might get jammed inside the pump (grit). This can happen if you start pumping too soon after adding the tablet to the water. Using cold water instead of hot for dissolution can also be an issue. Cold water makes the tablets dissolve more slowly, making our recommended dissolution time inaccurate. Hence, undissolved tablet pieces might get sucked into the pump.

Instructions: Cleaning the FILTER:
Gently detach the head from the bottle with some force. Ensure the pump is in the correct position (open) to avoid breaking any plastic components.
Alternative: Unscrew the pump from the bottle and detach the round part (with threading) from the pump. Then disassemble all the parts (see image) (be careful with the ball!!). The head can then be forcefully detached from the upper part.
Remove dirt from the filter using an old toothbrush and (warm) water. Rinse thoroughly.

NOTE: The glass ball inside the pump can easily get lost. If that happens, the pump is no longer functional!


If cleaning the pump is unsuccessful, please email us at [email protected].

Don't leave your pump dry!