Would you like to use your own bottle with foam pump for The Green Lab Co.’s sustainable hand soap tablets? You can, check below if your bottle is listed. It is important to note that it must be a foam pump. Also communicated as Foam or Foaming.

  • Dettol Soft Mousse foam pump
  • Etos Hygiene Foam Hand Soap 225 ml
  • Dettol Touch of Foam Soft Skin 250 ml with foam pump
  • Ben & Anna foam pump
  • Rituals Foam Pump
  • Maja Classic foam pump
  • Dr. van der Hoog Hydra Repair foam 150 ml
  • Flora and Curl Volumising Foam 200 ml
  • Novexpert Express Radiant Cleansing Foam 150 ml
  • Rituals Anti-bacterial Hand Foam 250 ml (AYURVEDA SAKURA and JING)
  • FA Foam Hand Soap – Silky Soft 250 ml
  • INCIA Kids Foaming Hand Soap 200 ml
  • Attitude Foaming Hand Soap 295 ml
  • Automatic soap dispensers (note: do foamy soap)
  • Method Foaming Hand Soap 300 ml
  • SO Clean hand soap bottle with foam pump
  • Savvy Hand Soap forever bottle with foam pump
  • Salt of the Earth Foaming Hand Soap 250 ml
  • Bluewonder Foaming Hand Soap 225 ml
  • Zwitsal Foaming Hand Soap 250 ml

Note: Rinse the respective bottle AND pump thoroughly. It should be really clean before using our tablets. 1 tablet makes 125ml of foaming hand soap and two tablets (Remix) 250ml.

Disclaimer: of course, it is possible that the above brands may replace their pump for a lotion pump or otherwise. Therefore, please note carefully yourself that it is a foam pump. Of course, we have a bottle with foam pump ourselves.