The spicy fresh fragrance comes from the essential oil of a dwarf shrub from the lipflower family(Lamiaceae). The dwarf shrub known as rosemary is one of the oldest medicinal plants.

Effects on the brain

A Japanese study shows that the scent of rosemary has a decreasing effect on cortisol levels. The cortisol level also known as stress hormone when too high can cause restlessness, fatigue or rapid ageing. Dropping this level can protect the body from stress.

In addition, the scent of rosemary has a positive effect on memory. A study from Ukraine shows that while perceiving the scent, short-term memory is affected. The smell of rosemary significantly improves photographic and numerical memory.

The smell of rosemary is also applied in reducing drowsiness and improving alertness during night shifts. Research during night shifts of nurses shows that when smelling rosemary, nurses are less sleepy and more alert.


Rosemary, stress protective and improves memory.


The effects of scents on the body and brain should not be taken as medical advice. Fragrance is personal to everyone and can potentially have different effects for everyone.