The refreshing and cooling scent of mint comes from the essential oil of a perennial plant in the lipflower family(Lamiaceae). Mint is one of the oldest medicinal plants in the world and has many cultural and medicinal uses to this day.

Effects on the brain

The scent of mint has a cooling effect on the body. Because mint contains menthol, it activates a protein that fools your brain. As a result, while smelling mint, you experience a sensory effect that can be compared to cold. This scent is therefore perfect for hot flushes or burn pain.

In addition, research shows that the smell of mint can counteract nausea. For instance, research shows that nausea in pregnant women in their first trimester can be reduced through the scent of mint. Research has also been done on reducing nausea during abdominal surgery. This research also shows that the scent of mint can reduce nausea.

Also, the smell of mint can have a clarifying effect on the mind. Research shows that the smell of mint improves memory but also alertness.


Mint, cooling, against nausea and improves memory


The effects of fragrances on the body and on the brain should not be taken as medical advice. Smell is personal to everyone and can potentially have different effects for everyone.