The strong, refreshing and lemony scent from lemongrass essential oil belongs to the sweet grass family along with citronella.

Effects on the brain

Several studies show that the scent of lemongrass can reduce anxiety. Studies show that anxiety-reducing effects have been observed when briefly exposed to the scent of lemongrass.

Besides effects on the brain, lemongrass has several other positive effects. For instance, insects do not like the smell of lemongrass. The smell of lemongrass can potentially be used as environmentally friendly insecticides. This is the perfect scent to keep pests out of the house. Besides controlling insects, the smell of lemongrass is ideal for cleaning the air. Research shows that the vapour of lemongrass inhibited the growth of airborne bacteria and reduced bacterial levels in the air.


Lemongrass, reduced anxiety, anxiety reducing, insecticides and air pollutant


The effects of scents on the body and brain should not be taken as medical advice. Smell is personal to everyone and can potentially have different effects for everyone.

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