With our sustainable cleaning tablets (Refill & Remix), you can now easily create your own cleaner. All you need are the tablets and a bottle with a spray trigger. The fate of the ‘Zero Waste’ revolution is now in your hands! Together, we are working towards a better world tomorrow.

Did you know that almost all cleaning products nowadays come in bottles with a convenient spray trigger? Don’t throw away those old bottles, give them a second life! Our cleaning tablets are specially designed for reusable bottles! Why limit yourself to single-use and unnecessarily waste plastic? With our tablets, all you have to do is add water to your reusable bottle, drop in the tablet, give it a little shake, and… voilà! You have a fantastic cleaning solution.

P.S.: In addition to use in a spray bottle, you can also create an effective cleaning solution for cleaning water-resistant and wipeable surfaces. Don’t forget to follow the recommended dosage for optimal cleaning.

  • The packaging of the Cleaning Tablets contains no disposable plastic #ZeroWaste
  • The Cleaning Tablets are Vegan Friendly and have not been tested on animals
  • The Cleaning Tablets do not contain SLS and parabens
  • The Cleaning Tablets do not contain microplastics 100% Biodegradable formulation
  • The Cleaning tablets are made from natural ingredients (at least 99%)
  • Approximately 95% CO2 reduction in soap transport (no water transport)
  • The packaging of the Cleaning tablets is made from tomato pulp (residual stream) from the Westland greenhouses.

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