The fruity and floral scent of bergamot essential oil comes from a round sour citrus fruit. The natural oil is extracted from the peel of the fruit.

Effects on the brain

The scent of bergamot causes your brain to produce so-called neurotransmitters. These substances reduce your response to stressful situations. The scent of bergamot can also reduce depressive moods and improve sleep quality. Research shows that depressive moods in women after childbirth can be relieved by the scent of bergamot and sleep quality can be improved. Besides reducing depressive moods, the scent of bergamot is also anxiety reducing.


Bergamot, stress resistant, antidepressant, improved sleep quality and anxiety reducer


The effects of fragrances on the body and brain should not be taken as medical advice. Smell is personal to everyone and can potentially have different effects for everyone.

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